The Memory Project at the Mamaroneck Artists' Guild

The Memory Project exhibit was installed for a week at Mamaroneck Artists Guild in November. Close to 300 people participated and added over 350 memories to the project. The memories were written on strips of delicate gampi paper, on cards of heavy printmaking paper or audio recorded. The pictures above and below show some of the installations created with these. The skinny strips were dipped in wax and hung individually on invisible thread to create a visual and sculptural cascade that gently moved with the air current. Some of these were also hand transferred through a lithographic process with oil based inks onto scrolls of 10 foot long by 36 inch wide transparent gampi paper hung in a way such that visitors could walk amid them and read the memories. An antique library card catalog held the hand written cards to allow people to read and share them with one another. Finally an audio piece wove recorded memories with local sounds that played through out the space, but could also be listened to on portable cd players.

It was an incredible honor and privilege to receive and read, to listen to and witness, all the memories shared. Funny, poignant, ordinary, extraordinary, joyful, painful, authentic...each and every one shared provided the opportunity for recognition, laughter, compassion, emotion and validation. Especially in these fraught times, the willingness to share, and listen was powerful and moving. Every single one has been typed and all will be archived on this website. I am currently working with the very amazing Avery Syrig on a catalog documenting the project so stay tuned to hear about when it will be available!

Memories are Rolling In

The packets of mailed memories are rolling in and I am happily reading through, and documenting them all. I am continually grateful for all those who have chosen to participate and add a memory or memories to the project. I am looking forward to sharing them with the community. Reading each sparks memories of my own, as I am sure each will do with anyone who reads or listens to them at the exhibition. It certainly has felt like a celebration of the human spirit and shared human experience! If you are planning to participate please stop by the many places that have the materials, drop by one of the remaining gatherings, or call 914.315.9404 and leave a recorded one. As a reminder...the memory does NOT have to be about Larchmont/Mamaroneck, it can be from ANY point in your life, and there is no such thing as a "right" or "wrong" memory!

'Last Call' for Memories


Hello all! It's hard to believe we are barreling down towards mid October! It certainly doesn't feel like October with this warm and humid weather! This is a "last call" for popping your written memories into the box at the Mamaroneck Public Library! All the materials are there, on a table in the lobby. It's a fast and easy way to add your memory to the Project and soak in the wonderful atmosphere of books at the same time! ANY memory is the "right" memory, it does NOT have to be about Mamaroneck and can be from ANY point in your life. So take a moment and become part of this community art project!

Shared Memories


It has felt like a real privilege to read through the memories shared thus far. Written in each person's handwriting, or recorded in his/her voice, adds a personality and importance to each and every memory shared. I am grateful to all those who have chosen to share a memory with the Project  and am enjoying reading them as I type and document each one for the online catalog I will be creating after the exhibit in November. That online catalog, and an archive of all the memories contributed will be on The Memory Project website so that people in this community and beyond will be able to read and savor all the memories that have been shared. So stay tuned in the next weeks as I post about the exhibition and reception, and then about the catalog as it is completed!

Boxes of Memories

I've been enjoying being at different venues all week, meeting community members and talking about the project. It feels like my birthday to return home with a box filled with shared memories after an afternoon of chatting, sharing, laughing and meeting new people. In the upcoming weeks I will be at a variety of venues, with yummy treats and materials on hand. I am hoping to meet many more people so come drop by! Check out the workshop page for dates and times!


Hello Friends!


I was thrilled that so many added their memories to The Memory Project last Saturday at the Larchmont Arts Festival! Come add yours! I'll be at Bread & Cocoa (2110 Boston Post Rd, Larchmont) this Friday, September 22nd from 11-1pm and at Mamaroneck Artists Guild (126 Larchmont Ave, Larchmont) this Saturday, September 23rd from 1-3pm. Stop by, meet me, I'll introduce you to the project and you can add your memory then! Free yummy treats for those who participate!

And stay tuned for more scheduled gatherings at, among other venues,  The Voracious Reader, and The Larchmont Music Academy! I'll be posting dates and times on The Memory Project's Facebook page,, and The Memory Project's website

Hope to see you soon.

The Memory Project is at the Mamaroneck Public Library

I visited the Mamaroneck Public Library last week to set up a table dedicated to The Memory Project that will be up through mid October. What a gem of a community resource! All the materials are there, with instructions and even a sample board if you want to get an idea of what some have chosen to share. I am grateful for the incredible support that the library has provided and am looking forward to going there regularly to collect the memories! Check out other locations with materials at!


Join The Memory Project at The Larchmont Arts Festival

The Larchmont Arts Festival takes place this Saturday, September 16th from 12-5p.m at Constitution Park on Larchmont Avenue (across from the Larchmont Public Library) and The Memory Project will be there! Please come by, meet me, learn about the project and add your memory to the project. It's easy and fun, and sure to be a lovely Saturday outing with music, lots of art and food treats.


What You Will Find In a Memory Project Kit

Thought I'd share with you what is inside each kit: information about the project, three kinds of paper on which to write a memory, pens, the number to call if you would like to record a memory, postcards with website information, submission forms (for acknowledgment purposes only, memories will NOT be linked with names), and easy to follow instructions. Kits are located in Mamaroneck at: Mamaroneck Public Library and The Botte Shoppe. In Larchmont you can find them at: The Larchmont Public Library, Palmer Art and Framing, Mamaroneck Artists Guild, Bread and Cocoa, Larchmont Music Academy, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, The Voracious Reader and Peridot Fine Jewelry. For addresses check our submission page: If you would like to have a kit at your location, or would like submission materials sent to you with a SASE for they return, please contact me at

Memory Kitsm.jpg

The Memories Are Coming In!


Hello all! The Memory Project is going full steam and the memories are beginning to come in! I am busy planning and developing what the final art audio visual installation will be. I am also beginning to develop a week of activities and events during the week when the exhibit will be up at Mamaroneck Artists Guild, from Tuesday November 6th through Sunday November 12th. 

There are many ways to contribute your memory to the project! A number of local vendors have the materials on site so please check the submission page for their locations:

I will be scheduling some gatherings at Bread and Cocoa, The Voracious Reader, and Kenise Barnes Fine Art in the near future, and will be introducing The Project at The Mamaroneck Public Library in the beginning of September (dates to come). There are many ways to add your memory, including recording an audio submission by calling 914.315.9404. It's a great family activity (kids can participate too!), and it's easy and fun to do. Won't you add your memory to the project?

The Memory Project's first news post!

Welcome. I was excited to hear in January that I received a grant from ArtsWestchester to do the Memory Project. Thanks to the incredible and talented Avery Syrig, the website is live, and we have stacks of informational postcards on their way. I will be posting here as workshops and gatherings take place, and memory contributions come in...with examples, pictures and updates.

If you have suggestions of institutions, groups, or organizations that you think would be interested in participating, please contact me. I'm happy to go to speak with groups, send you a stack of postcards to distribute, and answer any questions you might have.

Check back in monthly to see how the project is progressing and plan on coming to view and listen to the installation and celebrate at a reception at the Mamaroneck Artists Guild in November 2017!