About the Project

I have always appreciated the lively and diverse Larchmont - Mamaroneck community. People living and working here carry the life, personality and essence of this community. Life experiences and the memories we hold shape who we are and how we experience the world. Though we are neighbors living and working side by side, we don't always know one another. Given the rapid pace, busy schedule and demands of suburban life, it is not often that we have an opportunity to sit down and listen to one another, and be heard ourselves. This project aims to bring people together through a project of sharing memories.

The Memory Project engages community members to share a significant memory of their choosing with their community of Larchmont Mamaroneck. The memories will be shared both orally and in writing. These will be incorporated into artwork, sculpture and installation on an ongoing basis. To ensure the privacy of all contributors, handwritten and audio recorded memories will remain anonymous, and will not be attributed to or paired with names or any identifying information.

The memories collected in 2017 were exhibited at the Mamaroneck Artists' Guild from November 7th - 12th, 2017. The resulting artwork will represent a joining of voices, where both participants and the audience can listen to, read, and share one another's memories in the community we all call home. To see installation images of this exhibition please visit the Exhibition page.

For those wishing to participate there are several ways to become involved and contribute your memory to the project. Click here to submit a memory. This project is only as vital as those who contribute to it. Please consider participating and adding your voice and memory to the project!

Participants' handwritten memories are used in sculpture and installation.

Participants' handwritten memories are used in sculpture and installation.

About the Artist

I am an artist who has lived in Larchmont and Mamaroneck for over 32 years. I maintain a studio in Port Chester, New York and have participated in the arts life of this community for many years.

My work focuses on memory, time, and the fragility of human connection. I investigate questions of what we remember, what we forget, what is kept, what remains, and what is lost. How personal experience marks us, and how we record and reveal these personal marks of experience. I choose media where traces of the process remain in the work, and materials such as tree remnants, found wood, handwritten text, and oxidized metals become vehicles for content. Mirror shards pierce through wood; wood is burned, drilled through; pieces of paper inscribed with text are dipped in wax, scrolled and spill from wood crevices; images are altered, hand printed, and layered. The resulting artworks are physical representations of what is remembered, lost, buried, transformed and marked within much the way humans hold within the physical, mental and emotional marks of personal experience.

Christine Aaron printing memories on 10 foot long scrolls with master printer  Christopher Shore  from the    Center for Contemporary Printmaking .

Christine Aaron printing memories on 10 foot long scrolls with master printer Christopher Shore from the Center for Contemporary Printmaking.